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When it comes to moving to a new house, you can count on the Rightway Removals Sheffield to get your belongings to your new home with speed and care. Regardless of size or destination, we can assure you that all your household possessions will be handled professionally with safety and care in mind.

We take pride in our customer satisfaction guarantee, which means that your relocation will go effortlessly, smoothly, and at a reasonable price.

Large and small removals need proper planning. That’s why every job carried out by Rightway removals, big or small, is appointed a project manager, who will ensure that the work we do for you is of the utmost quality. We are a moving company that likes to do things a little better than the rest.


Moving home can be stressful at the best of times, that’s why we listen to our customers’ needs carefully so that once we have the instructions, we can take care of the rest.  If you have any questions about anything to do with the relocation we will answer it for you. We also have a moving checklist for anyone who would like that little bit of extra help.  Please give us a ring and we will send one straight out to you.


When should I book removals?

In an Ideal world we would all love to have our removal company booked weeks in advance but in reality because of the various variables we it can however be very last minute. 

We are here to help and try and be as flexible as possible in this uncertain time.  When people say they are stressed when moving in my experience it is the uncertainty before the actual removal, whereas moving day is relatively easy.

If for instance you get a moving date at short notice, don’t worry we have a multi flexible fleet that can help you or we can recommend a number of Sheffield removal companies to you.How to get a quote?  Well there are lots of good Sheffield removal companies that can give you a quote and I would recommend you should get a few. It’s not always the price that should dictate your decision, streagery is the key for you to feel comfortable with your house removal.

How do I choose a removal company?

Choosing a removal company is often a daunting experience particularly in the last twelve months. 

But what we would suggest is first look at the company’s website.

Ask yourself are the pictures of a real company or are they of the many sites selling your enquiries on to many other companies?

Look for reviews, I would say look for a happy medium not all reviews will be great some customers are never happy to try and reduce costs unfortunately in this industry and some may not be real reviews for a removal company.  

Ask for a survey, some companies don’t want to come and see the task at hand. That could be because they just want to do an hourly rate or are just too busy. Which is fine, we like to see what we are moving and this also means you get to get a feel about us and we can get the removal underway on the right foot and trust.

Free Packing Materials For Large Moves.

How do you prepare for removals?

So you got the survey done and decided on your company and penciled a date you hope will be the day of completion and have let the removal company know. 

First download our moving checklist, even if you are using a different removal company 

What  to do next for your removal in Sheffield. First off if you are doing the packing yourself then get all the materials like boxes, tape, wrapping paper etc. We can provide this for your removal and have different packs for various sizes of houses and will even deliver them for you for FREE!

Then start to pack as early as you can, you may have eight weeks until the removal but as we all know time can go quickly, so pack everything you don’t use day to day as soon as possible.

Label sounds easy right?  But people often forget. The guys will be as helpful as possible on the removal to put everything in the correct place but they do it if they have no idea where to put it.

How long do removals take?

This is a question people who have never moved before or only moved once when they had very little belonging or were straight out of university and could get their life into the back of a car.Things change, life happens and we all acquire more things. As we grow as a family we need more furniture and belonging. Removals take time, most of all the loading is what can take the longest.  

Protecting everything with removal blankets, and making sure it is all tied to the removal truck and stacking it correctly needs to be done properly and not rushed.So for a small flat or two bedroom flat on average it takes four to six hours and for larger three bedroom houses you should understand it will most likely take up to eight hours plus.

For even bigger removals in Sheffield we can load most of the house the day before so this will take the pressure from having to move out of your property by the 1pm guide line.   We also do this for most of  the removals out of Sheffield, it simply isn’t feasible to load a van and then have to drive a distance for our team to return home at a resolve hour. In short, removals take a variety of different times, and the best way for us to find out is with a home visit or a talk over the internet.

How are Sheffield removal companies regulated?


The removal industry isn’t regulated so technically anyone could get a van and decide to be a removal company.  But also that’s how we started many years ago.  The only difference is we  already had years of experience before we decided to set up our own sheffield removal company.

There is the BAR which is a national removal association but for the medium house removal company it can be too costly and not enough value to justify the cost of joining. There is no training given by the BAR without another high price to pay.  For a medium size business this money could go towards more removal equipment.

So the best way to get a good feel for the company is look at the website, call the company and read the reviews.  That said we have joined smaller unions that help  us with any problems we have and have to show

Sheffield Removal Team Covering a Mattress

What to do first thing to do when moving into a new house?

So you have finally moved in and you can breathe. Everything is done, so what next?  My advice would be to check if you have new locks, if not then make sure you change them.

Why not introduce yourself to the neighbors? In this modern day most people don’t even say hello anymore. It’s nice to meet the people in your new environment.After your first night celebrating with a glass of wine or food of your choice I would recommend using the removal checklist we have provided.  

You may need to update your electrical register or visit your new local doctor to also register with.  You may even want to switch gas or electrical suppliers and also look at your internet connection.

There are things to do but we are here to help so download the checklist and get ready to get organized after your removal. 

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Rightway Removals & Storage is a local Moving business that was established in 2012.  We provide professional moving service to help customers moving local or national.  Please call us for a free quotation.

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