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When should I start packing to move house?

The most ideal time to start packing your removal is when you get the go-ahead from the solicitor that contracts have been exchanged. This will give you around 6-8 weeks of preparation time. It is a case that the earlier you start the easier and less stressful your life is going to be.

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When you first start to think of where you would like to start this can lead to procrastination because of the mammoth task you feel you have in front of you. But like most things in life all you need to do is break it down.  

First pack the items you are already storing in your house, whether the items are in the garage, attic or buried deep in the cellar. These are the items you don’t need day to day and are usually all the items that can go into boxes.  

This also gives you time to declutter some of the stuff you haven’t needed in a long time and are just using for

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How many moving boxes do I need for a 3 bedroom house?

This is a great question, and the reason we have put three bedrooms is that this is the average size house we have been moving to for many years. So let’s break this down and try and devise a plan

So an average before ordering boxes extra let’s see what on average we have seen when moving hundreds of houses over the years.We are also using the same box size we use with all our moves when which are removal company industry standards.


Let’s say in a three-bedroom house four people live there. On average you would need are in the table.This is the average amount and in my experience, it’s always best to get a few more.  If you feel you may hoard more you may want to even triple the numbers above, you have underestimated how many items you may have

Please watch some of our videos on how to pack correctly and other tips on how to get yourself ready for moving day!!

How to pack your Dishes, Glassware & Fine China?

Packing your fine china can seem a tricky task, you can become worried that something will break whilst moving and this is often the case if you don’t put some time and care into this part of the moving process.

The first thing to do is pack each piece in a piece of acid-free tissue paper. We provide this with house moves. The best way is to use a couple of sheets, then diagonally and overlap the china until it wrapped tight. 

We use acid-free tissue paper but some newspapers can also do the job

Packing the Plates & Dishes.

These are the larger items and will usually go at the bottom of a box alone or a few other items with them.  Soft tea towels etc are a good filler for these boxes at the bottom or on top.

Again, we want to wrap each plate to be individually wrapped, but we can stack them up in a small stack to save space and keep them compacted.  Depending on the size of the box you are using you will want to put something in the space of the sides making it very tight.  We would use soft items, bubble wrap, or crushed

newspapers to hold it all tightly in the box. We can then use smaller bowls or plates for the second tier.Be mindful of the weight, it’s not about getting as much as possible in, the idea is to have everything right but able to not have too much weight. 

We have made a video so please watch to make it clever on the perfect strategy to pack your kitchen.

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