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Frequently asked questions 

Can I move at the weekend?

Rightway Removals & Storage understands that moving isn’t easy, and that’s why we undertake removals 7 days a week. Costs may vary a little on certain days of the week

What time should I expect you?

We like to start removal from 9.am to 9.30 a.m in the morning. If you require a different time then we can arrange this. If however, it is a long distance removal then we will liaise with you regarding what time would be best to arrive. These removals are generally done over two days with loading done on day one and the delivery on day two. Please call and we will answer any questions regarding long distance removals

How long will my Removal take?

No removal is the same and there are a number of factors which will affect the time. The number of goods and the distance are the main factors with any removal. But parking and access to the properties have an effect on the removal team also. We want everything to go as smoothly as possible so please inform us if there may be any difficulties we could encounter on the day

What do removal costs include?

All our prices include insurance and everything you need for the job including removal trucks and the right amount of team members to do the move successfully. We may even use specialty moving equipment when needed which would all be included in the quote.

Are my goods insured?

Of course, all of your items are insured during the removal or if they are in our store. The removal insurance covers items up to £50,000, and all your belonging will be insured if in our storage facility, please call us for more information.

What size of the van will I get?

The amount of items being moved determines what size van we will allocate to your move on the day. We calculate this by the information you give us or by doing a survey. We have a number of different van sizes to cover any removal, using a cheap company with small vans, or some even hire the vans for the day, can often cause more stress than it’s worth.

Can I do my own packing?

Of course, if you prefer to do your own packing then that is not a problem. We can offer you advice on materials we would use or we can provide them for you. If yo, however,r change your mind and would like some help then give us a call and we can provide you with a very good quote for the packing.

What areas do you cover?

We cover all of the South Yorkshire area, which includes Sheffield, Rotherham, Barnsley, Chesterfield and we also cover Doncaster. We move our customers all over the country and beyond.

Do you have storage facilities?

We offer containerized storage for our customers at a very reasonable price. Please call us regarding your storage needs and we will be able to help with costing and anything else you need.

How much notice do I need to give?

We general confirm bookings 7 -14 days before the removal. But you can book in whenever you like. If there are delays in the purchase of the property then please let us know as soon as you know. If you, however, have been let down by another removal company please give us a call, we have a large fleet and will do our best to help.